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Welcome to e-File New Hampshire.


This site is designed to allow easy access to some of the online services
provided by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration.

DRA is excited to announce Granite Tax Connect, its new online portal to manage accounts for taxpayers and tax professionals. The portal will allow users to file and amend returns, view balances, make payments, view correspondence, register new accounts and update information. The website will go live October 28, 2019 for Meals & Rentals Tax, Nursing Facility Quality Assessment, and Medicaid Enhancement Tax, with more taxes added in future years. This new system will replace our current e-file system for Meals & Rentals taxpayers, as of January 1, 2020. Be sure to visit our website at revenue.nh.gov/GTC to create your account access on October 28, 2019, or soon thereafter!

First Time Filers: If this is the first time filing or paying Interest & Dividends or Business Taxes, you are unable to use e-file New Hampshire at this time. Please complete and file the appropriate paper return, which can be obtained from our website www.revenue.nh.gov or by calling the Forms Line at (603) 230-5001.

Please select from the options below:

    e-File Business Enterprise Tax or
Business Profits Tax
e-File Interest & Dividends Tax
    e-File Meals & Rentals Tax    
    e-File Real Estate Transfer Tax    
    All dates and times are Eastern Time. If you are not in the Eastern Time Zone, you will need to make sure your payment is made to meet Eastern Time Zone deadlines.  
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